In order to give the international financial community better information and not to release information during the opening hours of the American Stock Market, the results' communiqué, initially planned on 21st February evening, will be published on 22nd February, 2001 at 7.00 am.

The 2001 financial information schedule becomes as follows :

Thursday 22nd February, 2001 2000 Provisional Results
Thursday 29th March, 2001 2000 Certified Results
Thursday 5th April, 2001 Annual Financial Analysts Meeting and First Quarter 2001 Sales
Tuesday 29th May, 2001 2001 Annual General Meeting
Friday 13th July, 2001 First Half 2001 Sales
Tuesday 4th September, 2001 First Half 2001 Results
Friday 12th October, 2001 9-months 2001 Sales